• Our roots

    Pip Organic, the healthy organic food & drink company, was founded by husband and wife Patrick & Karen O’Flaherty who with a true belief in working with nature, began making 100% pure organic juices from a small stall in London’s Borough Market. A whole heap of juicing and a couple of kids later Pip Organic was born, with the mission of creating top-tasting, fun and healthy food & drink for all the family, that is so crammed with 100% organic goodness there is just no room for nasties or compromise!

  • Never compromise

    With a strong belief that you only get out what you put in, here at Pip all of our family is only ever made using gorgeous 100% organic fruit & vegetables. Every harvest we work closely with our expert organic farmers to select the tastiest & most nutritious fruit & vegetable varieties we can find at just the right time! There is simply no room for any added nasties, because honestly when the produce you are sourcing is this tasty & nutritious… why would you add anything artificial? You can trust that we will never ever compromise & will always stay true to “Our Promise” to you!

  • At the heart of Pip…

    1. Organic -We’re organic and always have been since the day Patrick & Karen founded the business in London’s Borough Market. Our Pip family has full BRC and Soil Association accreditation. We’re always innovating to make buying organic as fun, approachable & accessible as possible!
    2. Responsibly Sustainable – We work in partnership with all our expert growers and have done for many years, with quality, provenance and traceability as a cornerstone to our business. We always do our utmost to be as sustainable as possible. You may have even seen our little electric van whizzing around London?
    3. Being kind to the Planet – Being kind to your body is a personal choice but being kind to the environment is a shared responsibility. With that in mind, wherever we can we take on the cost of being environmentally responsible & sustainable within our supply chain and packaging. We always try to find the most environmentally friendly packaging available, all of our packaging is recyclable, but unfortunately some councils are not able to recycle all formats. We are also working with government and leading packaging businesses to understand and shape packaging for the future – this includes working on the introduction of a sustainable and functional paper straw.
    4. Award-Winning Quality – We only ever select the tastiest & best fruit varieties at just the right time, to ensure all our products are tantalisingly tasty and never compromised with nasties. We’re super proud to be recognised as a Great Taste Producer!
    5. Looking to the future – As a leading family focussed organic brand we take our responsibility in helping to shape future pipsqueaks tastebuds very seriously by offering healthy but fun food and drink products. We always strive to make sure our range nurtures long term healthy eating habits. If you fancy helping us with this quest, why not take a look at our Pip Panel’.
  • Why Organic?

    Organic farming works with nature rather than against it. It limits the use of chemicals and, wherever possible, replaces them with natural pesticides such as beetles, spiders and birds. On organic farms, genetic modification is out, and established farming techniques like crop rotation are back in. It’s a personal choice, but we believe that organic produce tastes better, is better for you and your family and plays its part in looking after the environment.

  • The Pip-top team

    Since we started out, our mission to make family life that little bit easier, healthier & more piptastic has remained the same, and along the way some friendly faces have joined Patrick & Karen to help bring their vision to life! Meet the Pip Team… a fun, friendly & fruit mad bunch, committed to creating the tastiest organic food & drink. We are always on the look out for talented (and friendly) members, so if you would like to join the Pip Team please pop your CV & a covering note over to team@piporganic.com

  • Award-Winning!

    We must be onto something because after several years of hard work and juicy fun, we are super proud to have won over 50 Great Taste Awards & honoured to now be named a Great Taste Producer. We’ve got plenty more in the pip’line, so watch this space as we continue on our family-friendly mission to grow & innovate!